Where to find the best slot odds in Las Vegas

Every true gambler knows to do what he can to tip the odds in his favor. This does not mean cheat, it means knowing how to play the games using an optimal strategy and how to take advantages of your opponents weaknesses and tells. When you are gambling in a casino it might not always be possible to get an edge over the bank but it is sure possible to minimize the edge of the bank. Some might say that a gambler shouldn't play games where the bank has an edge at all but we all know that sometimes you just feel like playing some Caribbean slot poker or some slots. When you do this you should consider doing it in the casinos where the pay rate is the highest and hence the banks edge the lowest.

In games like Caribbean stud poker, black jack and roulette the odds for the same type of game is generally the same every where. However it might be worth taking a quick look at the rules to make sure that they do not offer the casino a higher edge than that in other casinos. Choosing between different types of black jack etc can have a big effect on the house edge but the pay rate of different types of black jack will not be featured in this article.

This article will focus on slots. If you want to play slots in Las Vegas you should generally stay of the strip as the pay rates are a lot lower there than they are in other parts of the city. The pay rate can be as much as 5% lower. An example is that the pay rate for a 5cent slot machine is 95.43% on the Boulder strip but only 90.03% on the Las Vegas strip. The banks edge is other words more than double on the strip compared to the boulder strip. (to see more examples of the big differences you can check the pay rate table below)

The Boulder Strip is generally where you find the best slot odds in Las Vegas. There are two exception from this rule. One is USD25 machines that have better odds Down town and on the strip. The other exception is 1c machines where the odds are marginally better in North Las Vegas than they are on the boulder strip.

If you want a good pay rate you should generally stay away from the cheapest machines and the USD1 Mega bucks machines. The pay rate are better on 25c machines and up.

Below is a list of the pay rate for different types of slots in the 4 gambling areas in Las Vegas. (arranged with highest pay rate first.)

1¢ Slot Machines
N. Las Vegas – 90.60%
Boulder Strip – 90.20%
Downtown – 88.81%
The Strip – 88.36%

5¢ Slot Machines
Boulder Strip - 95.43%
N. Las Vegas – 94.82%
Downtown - 91.18%
The Strip - 90.03%

25¢ Slot Machines
Boulder Strip - 96.86%
N. Las Vegas – 96.56%
Downtown - 94.76%
The Strip - 91.64%

$1 Slot Machines
Boulder Strip - 96.46%
N. Las Vegas – 96.41%
Downtown -95.41%
The Strip - 93.62%

$1 Megabucks Machines
Downtown - 89.97%
Boulder Strip - 89.41%
N. Las Vegas - 88..96%

The Strip - 87.98%

$5 Slot Machines
Boulder Strip - 95.82%
The Strip - 95.11%
Downtown - 94.73%
N. Las Vegas - 94.37%

$25 Slot Machines
Downtown - 97.04%
The Strip - 96.60%
Boulder Strip - 90.83%
N. Las Vegas - N/A

All Slot Machines
Boulder Strip - 94.78%
N. Las Vegas – 94.03%
Downtown - 93.65%
The Strip - 92.86%