10 Casinos to visit in Las Vegas

Las Vegas offer a lot of great casinos and a lot of great gambling. It is therefore very hard to say that any of the casino are better than the rest of them. This is why we have made a list of 10 of the best casinos in Las Vegas. 10 casinos that you should visit. Saying that it is a list of the ten best might be doing an injustice to some of the other casinos. Most of the casinos are good in different ways and the ten casinos that are best for me might not be the best casinos for you. It is quite possible that you will find another casino to be superior to all of these and be your personal favorite for whatever reason. We do however think that all these casinos are well worth a visit. Some are worth a visit simple for being great casinos, other for being a great overall experience and yet others due to them being an important part of Las Vegas history.


Bellagio is a must for all poker lovers. They offer great poker tables but also a nice casino floor. Another reason to visit the bellagio is the parking and fountain and water feature outside the casino. The water feature is a Las Vegas land mark and has been a popular tourist attraction in itself ever since Frank Sinatra danced in it to "Luck be a lady". Bellagio do offer low limit gambling but to be honest it is really mostly a high roller casino and unless you are a high roller or a poker player you might want to consider moving on to another casino once you seen the water show and taken a quick peak at the casino.

Ceasars palace

Ceasars palace is a theme casino and a very famous one at that. It is built around ancient Rome and most of the staff is dressed accordingly and the design of the premises is also designed to feel like a part of Rome. This is true for both the casino and the rooms in the big hotel. Ceasars Palace has been featured in a lot of movies. It is a great casino that offer a lot of gambling as well as an excellent sports book. The casino is divided into on section for high rollers and one section for regular players.

I recommend anyone that is going to Las Vegas to stay at least one night at Ceasars palace.

Red Rock casino

Red rock casino is very far from being a typical casino that you find on the strip. This is a smaller casino popular among local Las Vegas residence. If you want to move on beyond the tourist traps and get a glimpse of how every day Las Vegas residence gamble you should visit this casinos.


Binions is not a great Casino. Unless you love poker in which case it is a must. It is however an important part of Las Vegas history as well as poker history and every true gambler should therefore visit binions at least once. You will be vising a true landmark casino and get a glimpse of how Las Vegas used to look.

MGM Grand Casino and Hotel

The Grand is the biggest casino and entertainment complex in the world and this alone should be enough for you to put it on the list over casinos to visit in Las Vegas. However if you need more to convince you to visit this casino I can add that they have 4 different casino floors inspired by different themes. If you are tired of gambling and just want some family fun for a while they also offer a 33 acre amusement park.

The Mirage

The Mirage offer some great gambling but the main reason to visit the casino is the lobby ad the very big marine aquarium that they feature there. In the lobby you get to see thousands of different saltwater fishes in a tank big enough to seem like an entire coral reef on its own. If you are not a diver this might be one of the best chances you get to see the wonderful world under the sea.

The Venetian

The venetian is a theme casino based on the city on Venice. It is actually possible to take gondola rides around the big area that make up this hotel, casino and shopping center. It offers one of the best casinos in Las Vegas, loads of great restaurants as well as some of the best shopping in Las Vegas. The venetian is a great hotel to stay at.

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay bay casino is one of the best casinos of the strip for gamblers on a budget. The Hotel on the other hand is rather expensive and you can find a lot cheaper accommodations not far from the Mandalay if you want to save even more money.

New York, New York

New York, New York do offer some good gambling but that is not why the majority of the visitors come here. People come to try some of there other features such as the indoor roller coaster. The place also feature the best food court on the strip or anywhere else in Las Vegas.

The Stratosphere

The stratosphere is the premier place to watch the strip. On top of this extremely high casino you can enjoy the by far best views there are of Las Vegas. The roller coaster placed on the roof 300m / 1000 ft above The Strip is also something you should experience if you are in Las Vegas. The thrill of the roller coaster while watching the spectacular views of the strip is an experience unlike any other in the world. They also offer some great gambling BTW.