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Welcome to the Las Vegas Gambler. This is a website devoted to the Gambler paradise known as Las Vegas. Here you will find information about everything ranging from Las Vegas Hotels to Las Vegas Casinos and where to go to find the best games.

Las Vegas, Nevada offer some of the best gambling on the planet and was until recently the biggest gambling destination in the world. That honor now belongs to Macua but Las Vegas is still the premier gambling city in the western world. It is not that long ago that Las Vegas was primarily gambling but today it feature a lot more than just gambling. It feature a lot of family friendly activities including theme parks and world class shopping which means that Las Vegas is a fun destination for the entire family. It is somewhere you can bring the family when you go there to gamble. Las Vegas also offer some great golf courses like the golf course at the Wynn Hotel. If you prefer online casinos there's plenty to choose from at

Las Vegas is primarily know for the strip but there are several other areas where a gambler can go to find good casinos and great games. The two most important of these areas are Downtown Las Vegas and the Boulder strip. Which area you should visit depends in large part on what you want play.

Slotplayers are best of visiting the boulder strip where the return rates are considerable higher than they are in the other areas and the player hence has a greater chance to leave the casino as a winner. This is true for all levels of play except for high rollers. High rollers who want to bet large sums on slot machines are better of on the strip as the high roller machines have better odds there.

If you like to play black jack and other casino games you can go where ever you want as you will find good games in any area. If you prefer a lot of other people around you might stick to strip, if you prefer it to be a bit calmer (although still a lot of people) you can visit a casino in downtown Las Vegas. High rollers are once again best of on the strip.

If you are a poker player you should visit Downtown Las Vegas and Binions. An old but charming casino that once upon a time used to be the seat for the world championships and that still offer some good poker action. The casino is a part of poker history and any poker player should therefore visit it at least once. The strip also offer a lot of great poker action.

Videopoker players are about equally well of in all areas.

No matter which area you decide to gamble in you will be able to find a nice hotel nearby. Most 5 star hotels are located near or on the strip. Expect to pay USD70-90 a night to stay at a budget hotel (3star) and anything between a 150 and 300 for a basic room in a 5 star hotel. If you want a suit or upgraded room the prices are higher.

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